The benefits of dental crown

A Dental crown, also known as a dental cap, is a form of dental restoration which caps a tooth or dental implant. It covers the entire tooth from the chewing surface to the gum line. Dental crowns are usually performed at Dental crowns Melbourne on patients with chipped, stained, or damaged teeth. A [...]

3 common reasons for oral surgery

When it comes to dental care in the U.S., the CDC estimates that less than 65% of adults make time for dental visits. It’s often one of those items on the to-do list that doesn’t happen until there’s a problem, but once we have an issue, it’s too late for preventative care. [...]

Minimize the risk of getting a tmj disorder

The temporomandibular joint connects the jawbone and skull. Because this joint is so important, TMJ disorders can cause serious disruptions to everyday tasks, including making it difficult to chew your food. It can also cause pain in your face and temporomandibular joints. Some people are predispose [...]