Getting relief from sore neck – Fitness regime and some exercises

As long as neck pain is concerned, it is not only important to treat the site of discomfort but also to identify and treat the underlying root cause of the pain. Most often it is seen that neck pain is caused due to misaligned hip posture, spine, shoulders and also due to your head which is stuck in the forward direction due to lack of movement for some time span. Due to this, muscles of the neck and the upper back get tensed and this leads to stiffness and extreme neck pain. This is indeed a health condition which is common up to 75% of the Americans experiencing some kind of neck pain at some time in their life. Although there are medications that you can take in order to relieve yourself from neck pain, recently there has been a study that proved that there are some kind of stretches or exercises which can relieve you of extreme neck pain. Read on the concerns of this article to know more.

Exercise No.1: Static Back

For this exercise you have lie down on the floor with your legs high up on a chair and with your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Then you have to place your arms on the floor at about 45 degrees with your palms facing up. If you can form the position right, the exercise will place your head at the same level as your shoulders and allow the muscles within your upper back and neck to ease off. Stay in that position until your back settles on the floor and this might take 5-10 minutes on an average.

Exercise No.2: Static Extension Position

Start this exercise on all fours placing your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. You then walk your hands in front of you about 6 inches and then shift your body so that your shoulders stack right on the wrists. Make sure your hips should be at around 6 inches in front of your knees. Allow your head to hang as it is important to keep your neck released. Relax your stomach and keep your back to arch. Hold on to this position for around 2 minutes.

Exercise No.3: Static Wall

Lie down on the floor and move towards the wall so much so that you can put up your legs straight against the wall. Keep scooting back until your tailbone rests totally on the floor. Pull back your toes and then tighten your thighs. It is vital for your feet to be width apart and they should be pointing straight out from the wall. Hold on to this position for around 3 minutes and you can witness the result after a few practices.

Apart from these 3 exercises mentioned above, you can even try the frog sitting position as it relaxes the muscles of your inner thighs and groin. Breathe in the correct manner and if needed, get help of a neck pain specialist based in Melbourne.

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