Stay fit forever by adding vegetables fruits raw snacks in your diet

vegetables and fruits

If you are looking to get a great looking body while staying fit forever, then adding vegetables and fruits in your diet is one of the best practices you should follow. Vegetables and Fruits are the healthiest form of foods that you can include in your diet. The best part is that there are literally hundreds and thousands of varieties to choose from. Due to this you can easily prepare the right kind of food using these vegetables and fruits, according to your needs and health requirements. According to health experts, an average adult should consume about 5 – 8 servings of healthy vegetables and fruits each and every day by which they can easily keep themselves healthy and fit.

What to include in one serving?

One can include fresh fruits and vegetables according to the list given below. This can be repeated at regular intervals in a day.

  • Half cup of fresh fruit juice
  • Quarter cup of dried fruit
  • One medium sized vegetable or fruit
  • Two small sized fresh fruits
  • A cup of green salad

Following this plan not only helps in getting healthy body but also helps to lose your weight fast and easy.

Make changes in your dietary habits

You can make the changes in your dietary habits and follow the great 25-25-50 process to lose your overweight. This can be done by having 25% of complex carbohydrates, 25% of fat less protein, and 50%of vegetables and fruits in your diet. If you are among the fat woman you definitely need to lose your weight and get a healthy body so that you can live a comfortable and healthy life. You should start consuming fresh vegetables and fruits irrespective of whether you are a working or staying at home woman. Fruits and vegetables have lots of advantages in them. These will not only allows you to have that sexy, well built and strong figure that you are dreaming from years but also helps you to look beautiful by maintaining the glow and shine of your beautiful skin by providing you the perfect skin care naturally. You will look more beautiful, sexy, smart, bold and glamorous.

Keep in mind while adding fruits and vegetables

While adding fruits and vegetables in your diet keep in mind that you always take your food at your scheduled time, lack of which can lead to 20 to 30 % of low metabolism of the body and you will eat 30 to 40% more than what you eat at your scheduled time. This can affect your digestion and can also lead to the problems such as acidity, constipation, indigestion, and many more. Taking food at improper times may also adversely affect the fruits and vegetables that you have consumed. So it’s essential for everyone to follow the diet chart that is rich in green vegetables and fresh fruits that easily enhance your lifestyle.

Popularity of Healthy Raw Snacks

Besides the fresh vegetables and fruits raw snacks also have been gaining its popularity among all age groups, especially the healthy raw snacks. Health conscious people are relying more on these healthy raw snacks to keep them fit and healthy. People find it difficult to follow a raw snack diet to stay fit but once tried you can find it to be very easy and relatively simple to follow. Healthy raw snacks including munching of raw fruits or vegetables which is not very simple, but then taking your fitness into consideration its worth trying. Consumption of raw snacks doesn’t mean having food that is completely raw; these types of snacks can be included in your normal food and consumed. Healthy raw snacks should take over seventy five percent of your normal food supplement thereby helping you to maintain a good and healthy body. Get more raw snacks in your diet and maintain a good health and live happily for longer years.

Bio: Paul Jones (F4L Coaching) is a coach of the best coaching center in UK and he suggests taking advice from a triathlon coach before planning to change your diet to become fit and slim.


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