The Importance of Proper Patient Positioning

One of the most important parts of any surgery is that the patient is positioned properly. Positioning is important for a number of reasons:

  • It stops the patient from moving during crucial moments.
  • It enables the surgeon or doctor to properly access whatever area they need to perform a procedure on.
  • It ensures the patient’s circulation is maintained at all times.

If a patient shifts during a procedure, a lot of things could go wrong. This includes:

  • Dips or rises in blood pressure.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Muscle strain.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Excess bleeding.
  • Cardiac problems.

This truly demonstrates how important it is to have proper surgical positioners in place, as many of the above complications are actually fatal.

There are positioners to isolate each body part. This enables surgeons to target a specific area of the body. Common types of positioners include:

  • Extremity positioners.
  • Head and neck positioners.
  • Torso positioners.

All of these positioners are designed to immobilize a part of the body so that the surgeon is able to reach the important areas without accidentally hurting a different part of the body. There are also general purpose positioners, which are often used in conjunction with specific positioners. These include things like rectangles and wedges, which come in a range of different sizes.

Then, there are immobilizers that are specific for children. Pediatric immobilizers, as they are known, are made specifically for babies and children, who often have to go through various examinations as they grow and develop. Other pediatric positioning devices are created to be used during pediatric surgery. Again, they are designed to increase the safety of a child during a procedure, while at the same time making sure they are comfortable and securely held in place.

In recent medical technology advances, gel positioners have been released to the market. These are truly innovative tools that are becoming increasingly important in terms of improving surgical outcomes. They are very flexible as well as being comfortable and are turning into staple items used during surgical procedures. Besides gel positioners, there are also a number of other accessories that are used within the world of surgical positioning. These include:

  • Velcro safety straps, which hold someone in place.
  • Beanbag immobilizers, hailed for their comfort.
  • Sand bags, which are very important in high liquid environments and are often used in birthing rooms, for instance.
  • Compression devices, which prevent the development of blood clots and other issues.

When you are looking for surgical positioning devices, you have to make sure that you find the ones that are the most comfortable and the safest. While many people continue to make purchasing decisions based on price, the price should probably be one of the lowest on your list of considerations. Value for money, however, is important. Remember that these devices have been created to save lives and if you purchase something that is perhaps cheaper, but a lot less ineffective as well, you will find that terrible consequences, including death, can result.

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