The Mission Of Today’s Halfway Houses

The majority of people in society don’t even know what a halfway house is. This is unfortunate because these institutions save millions of lives every year. Even people who suffer from drug addiction often misunderstand the mission and procedures of today’s halfway houses and may even be asking themselves what are Halfway House missions. The answer isn’t simple but it’s rewarding to learn about the miracles that happen in halfway houses every year.


What halfway houses do

Halfway houses are a place where drug addicts and alcoholics can live at a reduced or free charge while they rebuild their lives. The client might live in a small apartment by themselves or they might have to live with another person. During their time in the halfway house, they are expected to follow rules and procedures that wouldn’t exist in another place. An addict might have to do dishes each day or he might have to clean hallways. As long as the addict or alcoholic does his “chores” and passes drug tests and follows all other rules, he’s allowed to stay at this place and benefit from its many services.

Counseling sessions and groups

Tenants of a halfway house will also be required to attend group meetings and perhaps even individual counseling sessions. During these counseling sessions, they begin to deal with any underlying mental health issues that might be contributing to the addiction. Group sessions allow addicts to share themselves with others, something that so many addicts forget how to do. Accountability is a huge part of halfway houses. Tenants may tell other tenants things they could do to improve their behavior and life. While this can be intimidating at first, this is one of the most helpful things in halfway houses. So many addicts are uncared for and don’t know how to live according to the rules of society during their addiction. They can be re-introduced to these rules and face accountability so that they learn how to handle it when they’re exposed to it after their time in a halfway house.

Moving on

Halfway houses are a temporary living situation that benefits addicts in early recovery. Some people stay a year, others stay two years. The programs out there all differ in the length of their stay. An addict can choose a halfway house that fits in with their ideas of recovery. There are many to choose from. Some focus more heavily on group meetings and house rules while others focus more on getting the addict back out into society, working, and sustaining themselves through hard work and a renewed sense of purpose. Halfway houses strive to show addicts that there is a better way to live other than living a life that revolves around drugs and alcohol. While addicts may resent living in a house with rules again, it’s often necessary and more beneficial to long-term recovery than just going through a short-term detox and returning to the environment where the drug addiction developed. Many addicts leave with success stories like how recovery taught me to love my body or how recovery taught me how to love again.

There are thousands of addicts who would benefit from a halfway house but don’t even know that they exist or else feel that a halfway house is too restrictive for an adult to live on. However, halfway houses are in fact treatment centers that show addicts how to cope with life in a sober way. If they are dying on the streets looking for more drugs, suffering daily, and have a past that is checkered with abuse or unsafe environments, it only makes sense that a long-term living arrangement that holds them accountable for behavior is going to inspire longer term and more quality of sobriety. If you’re interested in seeing more about halfway houses, you can call each individual one in the area and see what they have to offer. Many offer extensive employment services as well which can help addicts get back to work and living productive lives. There are many success stories from this type of living environment and many of those people are still sober today.

No matter what kind of services a halfway house offers, its mission is to help addicts successfully recover from drug addiction, reenter society as productive members, and sustain sobriety over a long period of time. Thanks to the addicts who genuinely want help, halfway houses have a much easier time accomplishing their missions.

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