Tips: How to Lose Weight When You Have a Job with Long Hours

Losing weight is at the top of many people’s agenda at the start of January, but for some people it seems impossible to achieve because they have a job that requires them to work long hours every week. All is not lost though as there are many things you can do to at least give you a chance of losing weight. Five of the best tips are outlined below.

1. Prepare Your Meals for a Week

The best way to lose weight is to make sure you are eating the right food, and when you have a job with long hours it’s easy to come home and order a takeaway instead of spending an hour cooking a healthy homemade meal. The best way of overcoming this, is to make sure you prepare meals for the week during one of the days you have off in the week. There are many recipes you can take advantage of, and a lot of meals can be frozen so you can simply take them out and defrost as soon as you are home from a long hard day at work. The same can be done for preparing meals for when you are at work as well, and making use of the work canteen will go a long way in making sure you lose weight.

2. Jog or Cycle to and from Work

When you have a job with long hours it’s important you take advantage of any spare time you do get by exercising. In the morning before work, you can set aside an hour to do some cycling on a home exercise bike, or you could jog to and from work if you don’t live too far away. There is a lot you can do here, and you could even visit a gym close to the workplace during your lunchtimes.

3. Don’t Eat Rubbish

You will likely get hungry during your day whether that’s at work when you are sat at your desk or during the journey home. Whatever you do in this case, never binge eat any food like crisps or chocolate to satisfy your hunger. Instead, eat an apple or a banana until you are able to cook your main meal.

4. Treat Yourself to a Cheat Meal Every Week

Some experts say having a cheat meal once per week can make it a lot harder for you to lose weight, whereas many others believe having a cheat meal every week will give you more motivation to work hard, and thus lose more weight in the long run. If it keeps you on track, have a cheat meal.

If you are a school counselor, college counselor, or a marriage counselor, you may find it a lot easier to lose weight because the hours aren’t as draining as some with jobs as a nurse or lawyer, but the above points can still be implemented into your weight loss plan.

Follow these tops to ensure you keep at the top of your game. That way, 2017 should end up being the year where you lose a lot of weight.

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